Support Manuals

Manuals for available products can be found at each of their own respective pages.

End Of Life Products

Thank you for your support, the following products have reached their end of life and will no longer be sold nor supported:

  1. UD100, UD110, UD110V2
  2. UD120
  3. Ruby Headphone Amplifier (support only for existing warranties)
  4. EGD and EGA (support only for existing warranties)

Other Downloads

For drivers or manuals for previous products:

SaviAudioBravoHD Drivers (Last Updated: 26/10/2018) (Note: “Run As Administrator” when installing for Windows 8.1 and above)

*The above driver supports UD120, EGD, UDX and UDXA.

EGD V1.0 Manual