Stoner Acoustics UD125

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Fellow friends and fans, thank you all for your support on our UD series DAC. This product remains an important identity and staple of our company.

Over the years, the UD has always been designed primarily to function as a pure line out DAC and requires an external amplifier for demanding applications. We understand the need for flexibility and so during the next design phase we asked ourselves an important question, can we actually produce a convenient product that can cover all bases (both line out and amplification) without sacrificing performance and cost? The UD125 was thus created.

Dual Use
The UD125 output is dual use. The output is designed to function as a line out for external amplifiers and to drive most modern demanding headphones.

High Power Output
The UD125 is powerful and goes up to 350mW each channel.

Precise and Accurate Digital Attenuation
The UD125 uses a very precise and accurately tracked digital volume control and allows for minute adjustments on even the most demanding IEMs. You can even use it as a pre-amp for your larger speaker amplifiers.

Selectable Digital Filters
We understand that you enjoy tweaking your sound, so we are offering up to 4 digital filter settings for you to tune your system with.

Plug and Play
No messing about with drivers and settings. You can carry the UD125 alongside with your favorite headphones and enjoy high quality sound from any supported digital medias.

Android USB OTG Support
The UD125 works with your modern Android Smart Phone too! Just make sure that your phone has sufficient current support for USB OTG. (Contact us for more information)


Savitech SA9037 USB Audio Processor
AKM AK4490 High Performance DAC
TI TPA6120A Dual Channel High Power Amplifier
USB Audio Class 1.0 24 Bit/96 KHz
High Voltage Output at 4.88 Vrms Line Output
High Power Output at 2 x 350mW Low Impedance Output
0.5 dB/Step Digital Attenuation
Selectable Digital Filters (4 settings)
Credit Card Sized Chasis

Package Includes:
1 x Stoner Acoustics UD125
1 x USB 2.0 Mini USB Cable
1 x Carrying Pouch
1x 1 Year Limited Warranty

Weight and Dimensions:
58mm (Width) x 89mm (Length) x 17mm (Height)
90 grams


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Kopfhoerer Lounge 2017 Awards (Silver)


UD125 Manual V1.0