Stoner Acoustics UD130

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The UD numbered series is our most popular dac-amp. The UD130 represents a complete step up from the previous UD125, offering not only the same versatility, but also includes many new kick ass features.

New Intuitive Analog-Digital Volume Control
The UD130 comes with a completely redesigned digital volume controller. A classic analog pot controls the volume, giving you the exact same intuitive feel you know from regular audio products, except this time it is in fact completely digital! This offers unparalleled precision and accuracy suitable even for highly efficient low impedance IEMs/Earphones/Headphones. 

Accurate and Precise Volume Control
The UD130 also employs the same accurate and precise digital volume control from its predecessors, giving you 255 steps of volume control in 0.5 dB steps, and perfectly balanced Left and Right output from 0% to 100%.

High Power Output
The UD130 employs the powerful almighty TPA6120, configured to go up to 350mW per channel.

High Resolution Playback
We kicked it up a notch. The UD130 now supports high resolution playback formats up to 32Bit/384KHz and DSD-256.

Select-able Gain and Line Out Options
You can select between LOW or HIGH gain to further optimize the UD130 with your favorite audio devices. A special Line Out Feature is also select-able to transform your UD130 into a dedicated high performance DAC.

Select-able USB Audio Class
You can select between USB Class 2.0 for High Resolution Playback or classic USB Class 1.0 for instant Plug and Play (supports older devices).

Android USB OTG Support
The UD130 works with your modern Android Smart Phones via the USB OTG. 
*Some phones may not work with the UD130, contact us for more details.


Savitech SA9227 USB Audio Receiver
AKM AK4493 High Performance DAC
TI TPA6120A Dual Channel High power Amplifier
USB Audio Class 1.0 24Bit/96KHz
USB Audio Class 2.0 32Bit/384KHz, DSD-64/128/256, DoP-64/128
0.5dB/Step Digital Attenuation (255 steps)
Select-able LOW/HIGH Gain

THD(%): <0.001% 20Hz-20KHz

Package Includes:
1x Stoner Acoustics UD130
1x USB 2.0 Micro USB Cable
1x Carrying Pouch
1x 1 Year Limited Warranty

Weight and Dimensions:
 58mm (Width) x82 mm (Length) x 17mm (Height)
110 grams


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UD130 Online Manual

SaviAudioBravoHD Drivers (Last Updated: 26/10/2018) (Note: “Run As Administrator” when installing for Windows 8.1 and above)