Stoner Acoustics UDXA

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The UDXA is our reference class series DAC AMP that represents everything we look for in a USB DAC AMP. Compact, simple and robust. We removed everything we believe detracts you from enjoying music, and focus on features you will want to use all day every day.

USB or External Power
Like its predecessor, the UDXA can be powered solely from the USB jack of modern computers. We take it a step further by implementing a smart switch to allow you to also power up the UDXA with an external regulated DC power supply.

Fully Isolated Analog and Digital Section
We loved the EGD, so the new UDXA incorporates the exact same isolated architecture found in the EGD. The analog and digital stages are completely detached from each other and from the main system itself. This eliminates interference from other connecting USB devices and allow for consistent quality playback across multiple devices.

Fully Balanced and Single Ended Line or Headphones Output 
Worried about compatibility? No problem, we covered all of your bases. The UDXA runs fully balanced or single ended, depending on how you like it with no compromises.

Switchable Line out or Headphone Output
The UDXA incorporates a clever switch which allows you to select between the Line Out or the Headphone Output

Precise and Accurate Digital Attenuation
The UDXA uses a very precise and accurately tracked digital volume control and allows for very fine adjustments. You can use it as a volume controller instead of relying on the analog volume control of your amplifier module for superior adjustments.

Select-able USB Audio Class 1.0 or 2.0
You don’t need drivers for your USB Class 1.0 operations. Just flip a switch and the UDXA operates without drivers as a USB Audio Class 1.0 device. Simply Plug and Play!

Android USB Audio OTG Support
The UDXA with the ability to run with external power supply allows you to connect to your favorite Android device without the burden of excessive current draw.


Savitech SA9227 USB Audio Processor
AKM AK4497EQ High Performance DAC
Fully Regulated Digital and Analog Sections
Texas Instruments OPA1611, OPA1612, OPA1632 Output Stage
Texas Instruments TPA6120A Headphone Amplifier
Texas Instruments ISO1540, ISO7640 Digital Isolation
USB Audio Class 1.0  PCM 24 Bit/96KHz
USB Audio Class 2.0 PCM 32 Bit/384KHz, DSD-64/128/256, DoP-64/128
0.5 dB/Step Digital Attenuation
Select-able Digital filters (7 settings)
One Pair of RCA (SINGLE ENDED) and XLR (Balanced) Outputs
High Voltage Output 4Vrms (Balanced) 2Vrms (Single Ended) Line Output
THD(%): <0.001% 20Hz-20KHz

Package Includes:
1x Stoner Acoustics UDXA
1x Mean Well GS18U05-P1J High Performance 5V DC Adapter (Input 100-240V, Output 5V 3.00A)
1x USB 2.0 Cable
1x Carrying Pouch
1x 1 Year Limited Warranty

Weight and Dimensions:
152mm(Width) x 150mm(Length) x 44mm(Height)


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SaviAudioBravoHD Drivers (Last Updated: 26/10/2018) (Note: “Run As Administrator” when installing for Windows 8.1 and above)

*The above driver supports UD120, EGD, UDX and UDXA.